Tina Pratt (enshogirl) wrote,
Tina Pratt

New Gets! Waza Museum and Twins!

Woke up at 1PM... just in time for the postman! Been waiting for these four figures for a long time! <3

Scraggy and Timburr Waza Museum Figures (Vol 004, Banpresto, 2012) from larvitarscar. These are the coolest figures! I heard that the line has been discontinued though. Not sure why. :/ More info about all the other figures in the line can be found on the AAPF Site.

I am a huge Timburr fan and collect his items that I really like. In addition to the Waza Museum figure I also have the PokeDoll, Charm and some random flats. I'm thinking about getting his Kid Figure in the future and I have the MPC plush on order. Timburr is a side collection that is taking off on its own without me realizing it. I can't help it, he's too cute!

Scraggy using his attack, Leer.

Timburr using his attack, Super Power.

Emmet and Ingo DX Partners Figures (Banpresto). REALLY wished these came with their "partner" Pokemon, Eelektross and Chandelure. T.T; They even put their artwork on the box to tease us, I think. Anyways, I waited too long for these guys, so I was excited to get them with or without their Pokemon friends.

Ingo is the best twin. Just thought you should know.
Tags: emmet, gets, ingo, scraggy, subway masters, timburr
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