Tina Pratt (enshogirl) wrote,
Tina Pratt

New Gets! Pokemon Center Bath Time Goods & More!

A bunch of new stuff came in the mail today. Total Scraggy overload!

When I saw this Bath Time promo I was so excited to see that Scraggy was part of it! It came out the same weekend as the "Adventure Goods" promo as well. More Scraggy!

Items from the bath promo: Dry Erase board, Towel, Bath Soap Figure
Items from Adventure Goods promo: Clearfile, Scraggy Strap
Misc Items: Choco Snack Tin

Closeup of Scraggy Bath Time Soap Figure. I ordered 5 bath balls. I ended up with 3 Piplups, 1 Minccino and 1 Scraggy. I put all the bath balls into a bowl and dissolved them at the same time. They make quite the noise. XD The toys kept floating to the top of the red soapy liquid. Super gross. I'm selling the extras over on the pkmncollectors comm.

Dry Erase Board with Scraggy featured on the "pen"! This board is really big. I don't really want to open it because I think it will be easier to display in my collection with the pen the way it is. Super cool though, glad I got it!

Choco Snack tin featuring Scraggy! The snacks inside tasted like Pocky. They were small chocolate covered cookie things. Really good! I usually tell myself that I don't have to collect Scraggy items that use stock poses and he's with a bunch of other Pokemon, but I thought this tin was too cute! I like the Eevee/Pikachu together too.

And last, but not least, items that came in this week from the comm! Scraggy/Tranquill card, Scraggy/Pansage keychain I've been looking for forever and small zipper case featuring Zapdos from helloskitty. The Dark Explorers Prerelease Deck Box featuring Scrafty came from chaosoftwilight
Tags: gets, scrafty, scraggy, zapdos

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