Tina Pratt (enshogirl) wrote,
Tina Pratt

Getting Excited for NEW STUFF

Trying to get myself organized with all my new purchases on the way last night was a bit overwhelming. I counted at least 10 different packages on the way to me... and you guessed it, ALL Pokemon toys. With that in mind, I decided to make another purchase today on ebay...

FINALLY! Getting the Subway Masters Partners Figures. I've been dying for these since they were announced. The prices on ebay were $125+, so I was able to get a bit of a better price this morning. I didn't want to miss out. There was a GA on the pkmncollectors comm this morning and the bidding went to $50 a piece when I pulled out. Good thing. I would have way overpaid with the GA shipping by the time the figures finally got to me.

It's also nice to get back into posting in my own LJ for a change. It's been a LONG TIME. I'm getting super excited over collecting again and want to FINALLY post my Zapdos and Scraggy/Scrafty collection to share with everyone. It'll probably happen when these latest packages come in the mail.
Tags: gets, subway masters
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