Under Construction

This journal will serve two purposes: Showcasing my Pokemon Collection and fun periodic updates with new gets for my collection and other such Pokemon Collecting things. The Collection part is still in the works. Have to finish taking photos of everything. n.n;

Main Collections: Zapdos, Scraggy/Scrafty
Side Collections: Jolteon, Darkrai, Timburr, Subway Masters

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Feel free to message me if you have any of the items on my Wants List!
Chibi Zapdos


I'm a Jolteon collector somewhat (figures, plush mostly), but I had to get SOMETHING from the new Sylveon promo. My sister and I made a Sunyshore order on June 1st. We got a bunch of stuff, but I only got the two Mascot plush for myself... as you can see why:

That Eevee is the cutest thing and I can't stand it. All this merch is giving me a soft spot for this brown little dude.

New Gets! Kids, Flats and Metal Zapdos Stamp!

Got some new kids, which besides from Timburr, were pretty hard to find. Had to get them on Amazon. I thought it was about time to get Timburr for my inevitable Timburr side collection. I also wanted the Chandelure and Eelektross for my little Pokemon Mate Subway Twins I'll be getting soon. Thought I could do some cute photo things with them when they arrive.

I got a ton of little stickers and the large Zapdos one from captainangel. Those little "Pokemon Ranch" 3D model looking stickers are the cutest. They are so small, but I couldn't pass them up. The Ensky magnet, I won in an auction on the comm from tortoises. I might be taking him off the sheet and selling the other ones, but I haven't decided yet. All the Scraggy Ensky magnets I have are all loose, so I don't see much of a point keeping the whole sheet for this one. The loose Ensky here was from pokemontrader. And, FINALLY I got the Metal Zapdos stamp! Didn't think I'd ever get one! I won it in an auction from toda. It's hard to get a good photo of it, but I'll try again later.
Scraggy Run

Scraggy Tissues!

Yay, I paid $17 for tissues.

Took me a year, but I finally got the Scraggy pack. I'll be selling off the others later for like $.50/$1.00 a pack or something. Thinking about setting up a permanent shop page here on my journal instead of making a new sales page on the pkmncollectors community every time.

Yay, tissues!

Mail Time!

Got some little goodies in the mail today!

That is the tiniest Zapdos figure I've ever seen. Got it on the comm from quailien. Four Pracoro dice cards also came from the comm from celebratetheday. I apparently have more of those cards coming in the mail with my other dice orders. Wish I could have foreseen the future with the card purchase. Heh.

Getting Excited for NEW STUFF

Trying to get myself organized with all my new purchases on the way last night was a bit overwhelming. I counted at least 10 different packages on the way to me... and you guessed it, ALL Pokemon toys. With that in mind, I decided to make another purchase today on ebay...

FINALLY! Getting the Subway Masters Partners Figures. I've been dying for these since they were announced. The prices on ebay were $125+, so I was able to get a bit of a better price this morning. I didn't want to miss out. There was a GA on the pkmncollectors comm this morning and the bidding went to $50 a piece when I pulled out. Good thing. I would have way overpaid with the GA shipping by the time the figures finally got to me.

It's also nice to get back into posting in my own LJ for a change. It's been a LONG TIME. I'm getting super excited over collecting again and want to FINALLY post my Zapdos and Scraggy/Scrafty collection to share with everyone. It'll probably happen when these latest packages come in the mail.